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Blossom II Series

The Blossom series delves into the challenges faced by the artist, who identifies as biracial, as well as her healing process as a survivor of sexual assault. The series aims to convey the idea of celebrating resilience and personal growth even in the face of such difficult experiences, allowing individuals to flourish and thrive.

Central to the series are three figures positioned side by side, creating a sense of protection and unity among them. This arrangement suggests the artist's journey towards self-acceptance and self-protection, finding strength in their own identity and experiences.

Surrounding these figures are abstract floral leaves, which serve to further emphasize the concept of blossoming from adversity. The choice of floral imagery conveys a sense of growth, renewal, and beauty emerging from difficult circumstances.

The Blossom series embodies a message of resilience, self-empowerment, and the transformative power of overcoming hardships. It encourages individuals to embrace their own identities, find strength in their experiences, and continue to

grow and flourish.

Remember to choose


To not wither

And to

Stand in your


Remember this is a


One you must


As you begin

To blossom


It’s okay

To wither

At times but


You will always


If you choose to


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