I Am A Biracial Woman

 I am a biracial-woman and was adopted as an infant. I’ve grown up experiencing little racism, but I have experienced some. I have felt the alienation of not truly belonging to one race nor fully being accepted. I am not sharing this to showcase my scars, but rather the love I have experienced and hope others can experience the same love. My parents didn’t care about the color of my skin. They prayed for a child, a child of any skin color, and a child they could call theirs. I became that child. It’s been hard being adopted, but they have shown me what love looks like and what it truly means to care for a human being. I was stolen as an infant in Walmart, my mother went screaming throughout the store, had the store closed down within minutes, just to find me. If it wasn’t for her, who knows where I would be today. Not only that, but both of my parents gave me a better life, the life of being adopted and being loved by them. I don’t like sharing my feelings, because to me it makes me feel weak. But I wanted to share this today. I hope a lot changes and I hope that the world will wake up to what is happening to African Americans. I hope justice is served for everyone. I hope that one day WE can accept each other and respect each no matter the color of your skin. I hope that hate will stop “ruling” America. We all deserve to feel safe, loved, and respected. We all deserve to be treated like humans and to be seen as one. And I hope we can all remember the power that love holds. I am proud to be biracial and to be adopted by a white family. Thank you for showing me what love can actually look like for both races.

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