The Fight For Freedom Amongst The Chaos

 Since the Black Lives movement began, I have had people ask me my experience as a biracial woman, my fears/concerns, and what I would like to change. As a biracial woman I typically get stared at in public especially when I’m with my white friends, I have been pulled over by 3 or more cops in High School, and I have experienced hurtful words said by others. This piece is touching on that as an African American, we are more than our skin color, our lives matter, and we are human beings. The background of the painting (red), symbolizes the bloodshed over African Americans for over centuries, and how we are still fighting for our freedom and our bloodshed to stop pouring in the streets. The leaves (Mountain Laurel) are symbolic to my childhood, one that has always brought joy, and hope to my life, and a reminder that I am home. The leaves symbolize that with all this hatred and injustice killing, there is still hope for African American’s and all human beings. The hope that one day other’s will wake up and see that we are more than our skin color, and that all lives no matter your race matters. The raised hand is a plea for this hatred to stop, for the injustice killings to come to an end, and to awaken other’s eyes that hatred is not the answer, but love is.

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