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We Are Blood I Series

We Are Blood I, is a wood cutout featuring the artist as a child and her 3 older siblings. This piece is inspired by a poem entitled By Love, that Roebuck’s mother wrote to her on her 18th birthday. The poem By Love describes the joy of Roebuck being adopted and why her family wanted her. This wood cutout is referencing several stanzas and the most important one is stanza three, which states:

“… ‘She won’t have Roebuck blood…

Will she be a Roebuck?’…”

We Are Blood I is referencing a moment in time (around the age of 9 or 10) when the artist questioned her existence within her family and whether she was fully a Roebuck. This piece is not only depicting Roebuck’s fears of being a transracially adopted child, but We Are Blood I is celebrating that despite of not being of blood or looking alike, they are family.


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