I believe the purpose of teaching is to help inspire students to realize their true artistic potential. Allowing students to reach their true potential, not only helps them discover who they are but it also allows for them to contribute to the world. The potential is already in them, but having a spokesperson in the form of a teacher to share and encourage their dreams and ambitions, helping them discover their spark, is vital to their becoming whole people, artists who share what they have to offer with the world. I am a teacher because I want to advocate for my students and to help foster their knowledge of learning until they have discovered their true potential and their voice. 

          Learning is fundamental to shaping the person. As students grow and learn, they will discover what truly inspires them as they learn the basics and do assignments designed for them to experiment. I believe that teachers design experiences in hopes that students will make discoveries and find their own voices. Through all the education that students experience in their lives, they become more whole through the process, learning about themselves and others and mastering skills that enable them to express what they learn. 

          The role of the student is to be an active learner. One that seeks out to further their learning with interest through new concepts and research. While finding interest for some students might be challenging, students must be willing to take the first step by accepting new challenges, wanting to learn and coming prepared to each class. As an art student, it is very important to participate in all class discussions and group critiques. It not only fosters community between the students but also with the teacher. Class is to be a learning environment in which everyone learns from each other.

          As an art teacher, the methods I will use to foster learning are the following: writings/journals, critique, and assignments. I will implement writing components into my course so that students get experience in expressing what their work is about in a concise manner. Their writing does not have to be sophisticated in anyway, but their knowledge about their work and or their subject matter should be thoroughly explained. The use of a journal is would be to help students document their research for their work and to problem solve through a subject or a composition. Critiques in my class will allow students to conduct successful verbal explanations of their compositions and to problem solve with their peers. 

          I was born with a learning disability. My family couldn’t understand what I said until the age of 3. I didn’t learn to read until I was the age of 8, which slowed my learning growth. Throughout my life, there were some people who supported me and others who didn’t believe that I could get into, or even be successful in college. If it were not for those few teachers who inspired me to keep fighting, I would have given up on myself a long time ago. While the purpose of teaching will vary from each teacher, mine is a more personal one. I aspire to be there for students, supporting them and guiding them to their true potential the way others have supported and guided me. I found my voice through learning with the help of specific teachers influences in my life.  Not only did I find my voice, but I also know who I am as a person. I am confident and have pursued my dreams of wanting to be a teacher and artist due to the inspirational teaching I have received thus far. 

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