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Josie Love Roebuck

My artistic process addresses the contemporary complexities of identifying as biracial. Themes of pain and triumph, exclusion and acceptance, are symbolized through layering, sewing, and patchwork. The act of sewing has allowed canvas to become my paper and needle to become my pen: it is a platform for my voice and experiences to be discussed and heard through a specific art making medium. Through this examination of self, I am in turn analyzing the human experience and expressing the qualities of a chaotic and messy life that makes each of us unique in our own ways.


My experiences as a biracial woman and the lost sense of belonging to a specific racial group, or the confusion of feeling like I am in the wrong skin, has been an ever-present struggle in my life, resulting in the on-going quest to make myself "whole". Through my own personal examination of traumatic memory, personal history, and an ongoing critical investigation of imposed societal boundaries and definitions regarding race, I am left with the question: How can one ever be "whole" if society thrives on racial division?

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