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He Is Biracial Series

Throughout He Is Biracial, Roebuck has sewn three portraits that depict three different ages (Middle School, High School, and College), that address her younger brother’s identity. This series focuses on a DNA test taken through ancestry to discover her brother’s ethnic backgrounds. In these portraits Roebuck infuses her canvas with patchwork, fiber, colorful oil pastel, buttons, and screen-print ink to piece together his racial identity. As a biracial man, her younger brother has felt like an outsider, feeling like he is not part of both of his identities. This work reveals that Roebuck’s brother is not an outsider, and he is deserving of both of his halves. While He Is Biracial is depicting that her little brother is deserving, it also takes inspiration from Roebuck’s I Am Biracial Series. Specifically, revealing that he is more than his skin color, and that he deservesmore than assumptions.


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