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Magnificently Willful

Is there a such thing as belonging?

When society has made it


For decades

Told us to hide our true nature

Disregarded our willfulness

Encouraged change


When they don’t know the


The pain of concealing perfection

The loss of


But slowly

We have adapted

We have learned to disregard

The media

And allow

Our willfulness to shine

There is no controlling it

It is


It demands to be reconciled

For it shows our true nature

Shouting to be seen

To breathe

To zig-zag its

True coil

Magnificently Willful is seeking to honor the authentic existence amongst African Americans by celebrating the joys of my true self through my natural hair. The figure is placed in the center while being suspended upside down. By rotating the orientation of the figure, I depict joy and the celebration by allowing hair created from yarn to take its true shape. This orientation breathes life to my natural hair, it demands to be seen. The abundance of “hair” draping on, around, and on the floor of my piece creates a platform to celebrate our authentic hair. This quilted work is about the triumph of fighting to be seen, while also appreciating and educating others on the different curl patterns that African Americans have. It serves to both help me reclaim my joy in my natural hair and to educate my viewer on the distinct hair textures that black people have.


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