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Not Enough

This piece depicts the artist and her younger brother, specifically examining their racial impostor syndrome as biracial siblings adopted by an all-white family. Their racial impostor syndrome stems from multiple things, but in the past, they shared one thing in common: not being enough. Growing up, the artist and her brother, specifically in high school and first year of college (artist), they received comments from other individuals stating, “you are not white enough,” and “you are not black enough.” These comments fueled their racial impostor syndrome, causing them to not feel deserving of their biracial identity. While this piece is examining the concurrent feeling of growing up biracial and not feeling deserving of both halves, it is also depicting a joyous moment. Not Enough, depicts the artist and her brother leaning against one in another and surrounded by embroidered roses; specifically sharing a moment of embracing their true selves.


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